The QeD Interface


This is how the main window looks like:


As you can see it contains three fundamental parts:

The menu and the toolbar

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The editing filelds (they can look in three following ways)

when you have a track selected


Anything you modify here is not saved immediately, so for the changes to take effect you need to press the 'Apply' button.

In order to delete a track you have to press the 'Delete' button. By default you will be prompted to confirm, but you can disable the question window (once it opens press 'Don't show this message' or modify this setting in the options). When you delete all the tracks, the header will also be removed (along with the last track that you delete).

The 'Add' button allows you to create a new track that will be added to the current cuesheet. Once you press this the editing fields will change (see image below). By default new tracks are added after the currently selected track, but you can modify this, so that new tracks are always added at the end (read more about this).

when you pressed 'Add' and you are entering a new track


When entering the information for the new track only the 'Apply' button is available. Once you press it the new track will be added at the position that you specified.

when you have the header selected


When the header is selected the 'Apply' button is the only one available. That is because there can only be one header in a cuesheet, so QeD will not let you add more than that. Deleting a header is also impossible - this is done automatically when the last available track is deleted.


The last part is the cuesheet itself


This shows the complete cuesheet - you can select the tracks or the header here.

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