Version 2.0 - First Public Release - July 2006
Fixed some minor bugs, expended and improved the help plus packed this whole
thing up for it's release to the world:)
This is the first actual release. Below is a rough outline of how QeD was
developed. As you can probably figure out from the dates, I work on this when I
find some free time (meaning not too often), but now that it's released I will
hopefully find some motivation to work on it more regularly:)

June 2006
Added: You can choose how casing on your entire cuesheet will look like - UPPER
CASE, lower case, Capitalize Words or no change.
Fixed: You cannot save a file using windows filename-forbidden characters -
Added: You can now ignore errors that you don't want to confirm - QeD will not
inform you of a particular error that you selected to ignore, but will save all
related error logs in the \logs directory anyway.
Changed: You now have to select you Internet browser if you're not running Windows.
The method that I used before was buggy on Windows, had a fixed browser on Linux
and didn't work on Mac. So now you have a few clicks more, but at least this will
work. Added: You can now easily associate QeD with .cue files (on Windows) or run it from anywhere on you system by simply typing qed (on Linux). May 2005 ======== Fixed: QeD allowed opening cues that had wrong indexes (values exceeding 999 minutes and/or 59 seconds and/or 74 frames). Fixed: Certain features were not available when importing into the current cuesheet. Added: QeD can now "fix" cues that are using quotes within PERFORMER or TITLE lines - as mp3cue doesn't read them properly. Added: You can now open cues and import tracklists directly from the clipboard! Fixed: Opening files with long index numbers (e.g. INDEX 0627404129 16:42:60). They are not proper (the maximum number should be 99), but I have seen a bunch of them on the TA forums and mp3cue has no problem with displaying such cuesheets so now you can open them in QeD as well. February 2005 ============= Changed: Every filechooser allows you to see all the files (*.*) as well as the cue/tracklist files (*.cue and *.txt) Fixed: After importing something into the current cue pressing 'save' executed 'save as' Fixed: When trying to open non-existing files via the recent menu the current cue was getting deleted Added: An option that allows you to skip numbers of tracks when opening a cue file (e.g. PERFORMER "13. Andain" or TITLE "13. Andain - Beautiful Things") Fixed: When splitting a cue there was no checking if files are getting overwritten Added: You can now write your own tracklist import formats instead of just choosing one of the four built in ones (which are still available) Changed: You can now select whether you want to add a new track after the one that is currently selected (helpful when editing a cue), or always after the last one (helpful when creating a cue from scratch). December 2004 ============= Added: The header can now be created automatically based on the cue filename Fixed: Opening a file with no frames in the index of a track. Even though such a way of indexing is not consistent with the cue-sheet specification I saw a couple of cues like that so I decided to add support for them. If a file like that is opened (imported) frame values are set to 0. Added: Menu shortcuts for the most in-use functions. Fixed: A small problem with overwriting existing files Fixed: Moving a track to the end of the cue Fixed: Problem with last directories for filechoosers Added: An option allowing you to use the cue filename when exporting a tracklist (no need to use the filechooser if you want the tracklist file to have the same name as the cue file) the usual dose of smaller stuff June 2004 ========= Added: The RECENT menu - it gives you quick access to five files you've been working on most recently. Fixed: You could get minus values of minutes, seconds and frames when subtracting times. Fixed: Deleting the last track from the list wasn't really working - fixed it now. Added: You can now swap performer and title. Fixed: There was a small error with exporting title-only-tracks. Fixed: The export file chooser didn't add the file extension. Fixed: Export was available even when there was nothing to export. Fixed: Open + Cancel unblocked the save, save as, split cue, move times options. Fixed: Right after you opened the options dialog window the save format was always the same. Added: You can now import times and titles from cues and tracklists into the current cue you are working on. some minor changes May 2004 ======== Changed: Opening (and importing) always cleared everything before the file chooser came up - now everything gets cleared once you press OK on the file chooser. Fixed: There was a small error with saving title-only-tracks in 3 out of 4 available saving formats. Fixed: The open file choosers allowed "opening" of files that didn't exist. Fixed: The save file choosers were overwriting existing files without asking to do so. Changed: The way of displaying the image buttons. Added: There were no tool tips for the image buttons. Added: The file choosers now remember the last directory you have been working in. Fixed: Importing changed the name of the currently edited file. ...and again a long list of other minor changes and fixes:D April 2004 ========== Added: Full multilanguage support - based on simple text files QeD can now be translated into any language. As for now English and (my native) Polish are included. For more information on translating see "english (example).lng" in the \languages directory. Changed: When something goes wrong in the program you are now properly informed about the error (a dialog box appears) + an error log is saved in the \logs directory. Added: The cue header can now be created automatically based on the tracklist filename. Fixed: Once you started editing a cue file, creating a new one wasn't possible. Fixed: Importing a tracklist with "empty lines" (e.g. at the end of a tracklist). Added: The time of a deleted track can now be used in the 'Move Times' option. a long list of other minor changes and fixes that are not really worth mentioning here;) January 2004 ============ This version had the functionality of the old C++ version and a nice GUI to go with it (plus - as it turned out later - a quite huge amount of bugs:D).
This is my second approach to QeD, so the Java application will start at
version 2.0. December 2003 ============= I start rewriting the program in Java as a project for my programming classes;P June 2003 (Version 1.0) ========= I start developing QeD. The DOS utility (written in C++) was pretty much ready in August 2003, and I was using it like that for a couple of months.

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