!!! News Flash !!!
I have just stared a new project called CueDB. It's an Open Internet Cue Sheet Database. Anyone can upload and download files from CueDB, so head over to cuedb.net and check it out. QeD will support CueDB in the next release.


What is QeD?

QeD is the ultimate liveset cuesheet editor. It's an application that has got everything you might need when working on a cuesheet for a liveset, because it was designed especially for creating and editing such files. It's written in Java so you can run it virtually anywhere.


What can I do with it?

  create a cuesheet directly from a tracklist (based on importing formats that you can easily create)
  merge a cuesheet with a tracklist
  save tracklists from cuesheets
  open and import cuesheets and tracklists directly from the clipboard (you can save time by copying them from the Internet and directly into QeD)
  swap artist and title for tracks
  add or subtract index times from tracks (useful when your cuesheet doesn't fit the liveset version you have)
  split a cuesheet based on a given index (useful when burning long mixes on multiple CDs)
  save a cuesheet in 4 different ways to best suit the way you use/view it
  automatically correct casing to capitalize words, convert to upper or lower case
  automatically correct quotes in cues (necessary when using the mp3cue plug-in for Winamp)

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